Hemp Oil

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Hemp Oil: WINTER SALE 2018/19 HLWAD Hemp is naturally high in CBD and low in THC; the reverse is true of cannabis. In fact, hemp contains only about 0.3% – 1.5% THC, while cannabis contains about 5% – 10% or more THC. This means that the levels of THC and CBD are different in the CBD oil produced from the two plants. But what does this mean for those taking CBD oil? First, we need to look at the differences between CBD and THC and why you might want a product with more of one or the other. At Healthy Living we make everything in small batches by hand with extreme care and love. Terpenes? Yes, you heard it right. The hemp plant contains an astonishingly complex array of terpenes that determine each strain’s unique aroma and some would even say its effect. Many terpenes in Hemp oil can also be found in more common or garden flora such as Myrcene in hops, wild thyme and lemon grass, Pinene in pine resin and conifers, Limonene in citrus fruits, Linalool in lavender, and β-caryophyllene in black pepper, leafy greens, and cloves. Our CBD-THC Oil is GUARANTEED 100% ORGANIC do chara Christy

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Testimony: Bashar Anis‎ to Christy Moore 21 hrs · Brother Christy, With respect to hemp, I found it strong initially and 30% of the bottle consumed already. I've had 2 weeks of your oil, now, which was potent enough at the outset ... initial results look positive aside from excruciating pain close to a supply meridian within proximity of growth, this pain has now dissipated, it lasted for some time after each dosage every time I had a bout of the hemp, this has not returned after close to 2 weeks; as for the growth, well it seems to be on the decline. I maintain that a stronger dosage could give me a speedier recovery. Thanks 🙂