20ppm Silver

17,50 EUR

Colloidal Silver 20ppm SPECIAL OFFER: £25 x 250ml bottle of colloidal silver: Retail outlets sell it for £43.00 *Colloidal silver kills up to 650 dis-eases,viruses,pathogens. *Double the strenght compared to your local health shops and half the price *Using colloidal silver is completely safe *Non Toxic *Safe to use on Children *Safe to use on Older Folk *You don't turn BLUE *Use Externally & Internally *Kills the Flu Virus and much more.... (©) Contents- Distilled water infused with 99.999% pure silver. Healthy Living with a Difference Please Note: Delivery times may vary. Republic of Ireland 1-2 working Days. United States of America (USA) 14 working Days Europe 10 working days. Thank-you in advance for your patience. Christy

Delivery: USA, Canada, Europe & UK 10 days