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We here at HLWD take pride and special care with all our products. We guarantee you the utmost quality privacy and confidentiality. Some of our products are infused with Pure Silver or Gold.

Pure Silver Crystal rings made to measure.

Price: 100,00 EUR
Amethyst cluster pure silver rings for all. Hand made to suit all finger sizes. Prompt delivery to your door. Prices start from €100 + pending - per ring. Thank you for your order.

20ppm Silver

Price: 17,50 EUR
Colloidal Silver 20ppm SPECIAL OFFER: £25 x 250ml bottle of colloidal silver: Retail outlets sell it for £43.00 *Colloidal silver kills up to 650 dis-eases,viruses,pathogens. *Double the strenght compared to your local health shops and half the price *Using colloidal silver is completely safe *Non Toxic *Safe to use on Children *Safe to use on Older Folk *You don't turn BLUE *Use Externally & Internally *Kills the Flu Virus and much more.... (©) Contents- Distilled water infused with 99.999% pure silver. Healthy Living with a Difference Please Note: Delivery times may vary. Republic of Ireland 1-2 working Days. United States of America (USA) 14 working Days Europe 10 working days. Thank-you in advance for your patience. Christy

Hemp Oil

Price: 35,00 EUR
Hemp Oil: WINTER SALE 2018/19 HLWAD Hemp is naturally high in CBD and low in THC; the reverse is true of cannabis. In fact, hemp contains only about 0.3% – 1.5% THC, while cannabis contains about 5% – 10% or more THC. This means that the levels of THC and CBD are different in the CBD oil produced from the two plants. But what does this mean for those taking CBD oil? First, we need to look at the differences between CBD and THC and why you might want a product with more of one or the other. At Healthy Living we make everything in small batches by hand with extreme care and love. Terpenes? Yes, you heard it right. The hemp plant contains an astonishingly complex array of terpenes that determine each strain’s unique aroma and some would even say its effect. Many terpenes in Hemp oil can also be found in more common or garden flora such as Myrcene in hops, wild thyme and lemon grass, Pinene in pine resin and conifers, Limonene in citrus fruits, Linalool in lavender, and β-caryophyllene in black pepper, leafy greens, and cloves. Our CBD-THC Oil is GUARANTEED 100% ORGANIC do chara Christy

Magnesium Facial Cream

Price: 25,00 EUR
Magnesium Facial Cream (infused with colloidal Gold) Magnesium Cream in fused with Gold HOW COLLOIDAL GOLD WILL TRANSFORM YOUR SKIN ✓ Protects against cellular ageing ✓ Powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and inflammation ✓ Creates a protective shield, reinforcing the skins natural defence's ✓ Anti-oxidant properties which prevents accumulation of free radicals ✓ Heals micro damage (such as sun spots) by stimulating blood circulation and increasing cell activity You will NOT find a better facial cream on the market EVER. Irons out those wrinkles fast,helps to soothe and relieve the symptoms of sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, dry skin and acne. It can also treat minor skin conditions such as wounds, bruising, cuts and scratches and acne scars. Infused with Colloidal Gold- 60mm x 25mm tubs on sale now.

Golden Caroline Herbal Tobacco

Price: 20,00 EUR
30 gram packs of Pure Organic Herbal tobacco. 16.00 euro incl postage and packaging Golden Caroline: is a unique and distinctive rich smooth tasting satisfying rough cut ORGANIC Herbal tobacco... FREE from all additives, chemicals, pesticides, grown purely for it's unique blend and taste.